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What Is World Diabetes Day?

What Is World Diabetes Day?

Author: James Briggs

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created by both the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation. It was instituted in 1991 and is now a massive campaign. The issues it raises serve as educational campaigns that last for the entire year.

- World Diabetes Day is held every year on November 14th.
- It was instituted in 1991 as an awareness and educational campaign.
- The theme of World Diabetes Day changes from year to year.

The day itself is held every year on November 14th. This signifies the birthday of Frederick Banting, one of two men who led to the discovery of insulin through their research and theories. It became an official United Nations World Health day in 2006.

What is done for WDD?

WDD is honored in over 160 different countries globally.There are also many various organizations and groups that honor the day and the campaign.

Much is done to get the word out about diabetes, as the primary reason for WDD is awareness and education. Advertisements are taken out in a wide variety of spectrums.

Awareness runs and other events and festivals are held. Ceremonies and symbolic gestures are performed, all to get the day in the news and to spread awareness to as many people as possible.

The goals of WDD

Ultimately, the goal of World Diabetes Day is to spread awareness. The more people that are aware of the problem, the more people that can be saved.

Many people do not even realize they have the disease until much damage is already done. WDD also serves as a massive fundraiser, garnering funds for both the research of diabetes and for the treatment of those with diabetes.

WDD preaches ideas and values such as living a healthy lifestyle and getting yourself examined by doctors. Additionally it teaches ways to cope with the problems and ways to prevent the disease.

WDD also teaches about ways to help even if you do not have the disease. By increasing awareness and educating people, diabetes can be prevented much more effectively.

Additionally, it gets more attention globally, raising the importance of investing money and time into research.

Interesting facts about World Diabetes Day

- The theme for WDD changes from year to year. In both 2007 and 2008, the theme was diabetes in children and adolescents. There are many past themes including diabetes and obesity, human rights and diabetes, diabetes in the disadvantaged, diabetes in relation to specific organs and body parts, diabetes in old age and so on.
- Some of the alarming facts for this year's theme are: that 200 children every day (70,000 annually) develop type 1 diabetes.
- It's growing at a rate of 3% per year and a higher rate of 5% per year in preschoolers. There are over 440,000 children living with type 1 diabetes around the world.
- Type2 diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent in children, highlighting unhealthy lifestyles.
- The symbol for WDD is a blue circle outline with white in the middle. The circle has many symbolic meanings, including global unity and health and lifecycles.

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